How To Troubleshoot Xerox Error Code 7232 010-333

Sometimes your computer may display an error code that displays Xerox error code 7232 010-333. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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  • Area code: 010-311 … 010-355
  • Description: • 010-311: STS-1 Fuser Heat Roll Connection Error • 010-319: Fuser NC Sensor Differential Amplifier Error • 010-328: Fuser Time Failure Fuser Warm Up (Not Ready) • • 010-331: STS • 010-332: Heat Roller NC Sensor Error • 010-333: Heat Roller NC Sensor Error • 010-334: Heat Roller NC Sensor Error • 010-335: Heat Roller NC Sensor Zone Error • 010-338: Fuser Time Error Fuser Unit • 010-339: NC Heat Roller Sensor Low Temperature Error • 010-340: Fusing Unit Disconnected • 010-344: Heat Roller STS Low Temperature Errors • 010-345: Fuser Relay Solid On Fuser Disabled Error 010-346: Failed to update main fuser lamp data 010-347: Failed to update fuser s Secondary fuser lamp data € 010-355: Fuser cooling failure.
    Fuser failure The fuser has failed due to the following problems. • A differential circuit output error has probably been detected between the output detection and the fuser NC sensor compensation output. • If you see that the lamp on time meets the correct conditions, where Tws °C is the temperature at the start of sleep mode, obtained from any NCSCenter. • Temperature monitor AD readings to STS tracked to a higher T[HITMP(2)] three times in a row. • An abnormal temperature was detected during the preheat test due to a defective sensor or poor connection. • The master or slave LED on the fuser stays on for longer than the (NVM) option. • When the lamp is turned off for the first time after being turned on, the NC temperature is constantly at EP_U4_LOW_NC °C or lower for 5 or more consecutive times. • Open thermistor detected • When the heater is first turned off and then turned on again, the temperatureSTS detected at the boundary is likely to be consistently EP_U4_LOW_STS °C, or at least 8 or more times per period. This case. row. • Notification that the relay has been disconnected from the circuit. • The body temperature measured on the NC or STS did not change during this period, although not so long ago the main light was constantly on for 15 seconds longer. • Cooling mode continued for EP_U4_COOL_TIME * for ten seconds or more.
  • Causes: • Fuser Harness Assembly DRW, PL 4.1.7 • Unit, Fuser PL 10.1.1 • MCU Board, one dozen, pl.1.15 • CA Assembly, PWB PL 12.1.16 LVPS • Board, PL 12.2.1 • Additional set, harness pl 12.3. 5
  • Solution: 1. Check some Fuser the Unit settings. Does the drawer connector between the fuser unit and the main unit (P/J601) have broken/bent pins, dirt, burns, etc.? Is the block installed correctly? Go to step 2. Reinstall the fuser unit. 2. Check the line connections between the fusing unit and the MCU board, and the connection between the fusing unit and the AC board. 3. Are P/J601, P/J459, then P/J50 connected correctly? Go to step 3. Podsoconnect connectors P/J601, P/J459 and P/J503. 3. Check the working relationship between AC board and MCU board. Are connectors P/J505 and P/J464 connected correctly? Go to step 4. Connect connectors P/J505 to P/J464. 4. Check for continuity behind the DRW Fuser Harness Assembly. Have the connections between P/J601 <=> P/J459 and therefore between P/J601 <=> P/J503 been made correctly? works Go to step 5. Replace the DRW fusion harness assembly. 5. Check the continuity of the accessory harness assembly. Is the connection between P/J505 <=> P/J464 correctly established? Go to step 6. Replace the harness solution assembly. 6. Check the change in voltage (+5 VDC) of the fuser unit. Measure voltage between MCU GND <=> P/J459-5 wire and MCU ground pwb <=> P/J459-13. Output voltage (approx. +5 V DC)? Go to step 7. Go to Troubleshooting +5 VDC Power. 7. Check the voltage protection (+3.3 VDC) on the fusing unit. Measure voltage between PWB mcu GND <=> P/J459-1. Is there a new voltage (approximately +3rd output? 3 VDC) Go to step 8 forgetting help. Go to Troubleshooting +3.3 VDC Power. 8. Replace the fuser unit. Does the error persist? Go to storage room 9. Debugging is complete. 9. Replace the AC board. Does the specific error persist? Replace MCU with PWB. Troubleshooting completed.
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    Xerox 7232 Fehlercode 010 333
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