Solving The Problem With The Latin Bios

If your BIOS has a Latin meaning, this guide will help you fix it.

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    compound form meaning “life”, found only in Greek borrowings (biography); used in this example in the formation of combined words (bioluminescence).

    Ancient Greek


    bios latin meaning

    Either Proto-Hellenic *gÊ Ä”wos, from *gÊ ih₃wós (“living”) and related Old English Cwic (English quick), Latin vÄ “vus and Old Church Slavonic Ð ¶ ивъ ( ¾ivÅ); or fainting βίοτος (biotos).

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  • In both cases, Proto-Indo-European *gÊ eyh₃- (“to live”) ultimately follows, therefore, in addition, ζωός (zŠós) and ζῠΠ¿Î½ (zô ion ), and thus associated with the Old Church жити Slavic (žiti), Sanskrit जीवति (jÄ”vati), Latin vÄ” vÅ, Old Armenian Õ¯Õ¥Õ¡Õ’ (keam).



    Î²á¿ Ì Î¿Ï‚ • (bÃos) m (genitive Î²á¿ Ì Î¿Ï…); second declension (epic, attic, ionic, koine)

    1. life (often with a distinct connotation: good life)


    Derived terms


  • †’ English: bio-
  • Greek: βίος (vios)
  • Coptic: ⲃⲓⲟⲥ (biography)
  • Norwegian Bokmål: Organic
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  • Greek



    1. Life
    2. Lifetime
    3. quality of life life
    4. biography, history



    • (Life): ζωή n (zoḯ)

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    • IPA(key): /bÃ.os/ → /ˈβi.os/ → /ˈvi.os/

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  • Bios Significado Latino
    Bios Latinsk Betydelse
    Bios Latijn Betekenis
    Bios Significato Latino
    Bios Latinskoe Znachenie
    Bios Lateinische Bedeutung
    Bios Lacinskie Znaczenie
    바이오스 라틴어 의미
    Bios Sens Latin
    Bios Significado Latino